Surveying and Inspections

The use of drones in the construction and inspection industry is phenomenal.  Now construction companies can monitor the progress of a site across the other side of the country without leaving their office, they can measure the volume and mass material piles from the air, they can see a before and after map and image of a project as soon as the work is done without having to wait for Google maps to update.

We are currently undergoing training and investment so that we can provide this for you, please watch this space.

However, we are able to perform roof inspections of your property, meaning that you no longer need to invest in scaffolding or ladders to survey your roof and no person will physically need to climb onto the roof.   We can get you results in a matter of minutes depending on the size of your roof.
We can provide you with a timelapse of your build project, which can be used to show customers and clients what processes you went through to construct their property.   It is also something that looks awesome on your website!