Property Photography

Using drones to capture images and footage of properties can be highly beneficial to Estate Agents, Home owners, Event Organisers, Hotel Owners etc,  as you are able to provide an outlook to potential buyers and customers that images from ground photography cannot provide.

Perhaps your property is situated in an area with stunning views, but you cannot express this with a ground-based photographer.  Drones are able to capture angles that display the property within the landscape and from a perspective that proves what the buyer/ customer will be able to view from the building.

Want to be able to capture both your garden and home in one image? Drones can do that!  We are permitted to fly to an altitude of 400ft, which is more than enough to fit your garden and home in the frame.

Ground based images don’t provide clients with an understanding of how a property is laid out.  Perhaps a potential wedding client is seeking a place with a landscaped garden and several hidden areas for people to escape to. Yes, ground based photography can take images around a venue, but there is no way to display the exact layout of the property and as to where specific areas are.   But aerial photography can, not only can we provide a “birds eye view” of your venue/ property, giving your clients an outdoor “floor plan”, we can also provide 4K videos which can guide customers around the venue before they’ve even set foot on site.

Please see our gallery to see some examples of our work.