About Us

Golden Valley Aerial Media is a professional aerial photography and imaging service, based in the stunning Golden Valley in South West Herefordshire.   We provide High Definition images and Videos of properties and land for Estate Agents and home owners. 

We can film and photograph your event from the air, examples of such events includes weddings, charity events, parties, family reunions and any open air event of up to 1000 attendees.  With our partners at Shuttr Photography, we can provide a full ground and air photography package for your event.  We are currently undertaking aerial surveying and mapping training, to allow us to work with clients based in the construction and agriculture industries. 

A little bit history of GVAM:
When I was a kid, I became obsessed with planes and helicopters.  Any school project or presentation for me usually focused on planes at some point, to such an extent that it became pretty boring and predictable for everyone else!  

Of course, I decided that I wanted to be a commercial pilot when I grew up,  but that dream ended pretty quickly as I discovered that I was slightly colour blind! 

So, one day my Dad bought me a Remote Controlled plane, this meant that I could pretend to be a pilot (which I guess I still do) and I was hooked! 

Unfortunately, one day, the RC plane decided to fly off in a straight line and off into the sunset, this was before the day of fancy drones fitted with GPS locators and return to home functions,  I mean this plane’s wings were fitted with elastic bands!

 The 12 year old me wasn’t too happy and neither was my dad, who despite walking probably 10 miles through mud, bushes, brambles and asking any dog walker en route, he had no success in finding the renegade aircraft.  My Dad however did find  a frozen fox whilst searching through the bushes! 

So anyway,  RC aircraft was always a little bit of a hobby that I would delve into every now and then but I didn’t really think that it would materialise anymore from sneaking into RC model shops and flying helicopters over my girlfriend at the time’s head whilst she was watching Hollyoaks. (Yes, inside the house!) 

But one day,  I was sat in a car with my good friend Tom when I had a bit of a moment, don’t worry, nothing serious, it was one of those idea moments that I have from time to time.  The conversation went something like this:

Me:  Tom?
Tom: What now?
Me: You like photography right?
Tom: Yes.....
Me: I like drones.....
Tom:  Yes..... 
Me: And you like drones right?
Tom: Get on with it!
Me:  Why don’t we set up our own drone photography businesses,  we do our own things, but then team up for big events?

Though a lot more was said and done during and after the conversation,  I thought I would simplify it, because i’m nice. 

Anyway,   we both did our PFCO training and qualified to become Commercial Drone Operators. 

So,  I’d like to present to you:  Golden Valley Aerial Media.  

Tom is a very talented graphic designer and so without a question of a doubt,  I asked him to design my logo, website and business cards.  Please check him out and give him a like @willowshoots. Please feel free to send me a message if you are interested in any of my services,  whether you’re looking to plan your perfect wedding or simply after a aerial portrait of your property, give me a shout.

James :)